Refurb Laptops for sale as low as $100 (Won't last long) Indian Computers and Accessories in Alpharetta,GA
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Refurb Laptops for sale as low as $100 (Won't last long)
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will ship any where in U.S.A
(404) 643-8120

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Laptops & Notebooks
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Keyboard, Mouse & Other Input Devices
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Refurb laptops for sale as low as $100, with working condition (windows loaded, free software and Webcam, DVD) plenty to choose from. contact us for more details about the laptops and more. we can ship it to you as well at additional cost (with in 48 STATES, NO INTERENATIONAL SHIPPING) (C2D, Celeron, i3, i5, AMD 6 8, all makes and models available)

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